Tuesday, May 23, 2006

William Jefferson

Oh look a Democrat under investigation for wrong doing. Man talk about culture of corruption to some how think is a black eye one the whole. Or to talk as though anything done by the Repub's is not that bad.

Mr. Jefferson appeared on Capitol Hill to deny any wrongdoing. Facing a bank of television cameras down the hall from his Congressional office, which was raided by federal agents on Saturday night, Mr. Jefferson said that he would not resign and that he expected to be cleared.

In court documents made public on Sunday, the F.B.I. said Mr. Jefferson had taken bribes to help a small technology company win federal contracts and to help it with business deals in Africa. The F.B.I. said he had concealed $90,000 from the scheme in the freezer of his home in Washington.

"There are two sides to every story," Mr. Jefferson said, without providing any details.

For all the intense partisanship that has surrounded the wave of legal and ethical cases on Capitol Hill, the Jefferson case brought some Democrats and Republicans together on one point: that the all-night search conducted by the F.B.I. raised questions about whether the executive branch had violated the constitutional doctrine of separation of powers by carrying out a raid on the official office of a member of Congress.
A little too desparate to get a durty democract. Unless we find out that he us part of a large oranization that thinks that only democracts should rule the country. And he and a lot of people turned it into just a way to stuff their pockets with money...

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