Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mr. And Mrs. Smith Don't Get It

Wag the fudging dog and Primary Damm Colors is okay. But to dare to satirize BushCo. and the lame media that accepts tabloid journalism proganda as real news reporting. And the fingers start wagging.

And then, an odd but revealing thing happened. Some of the chattering class commentators, mainstream media writers and columnists, and Democratic officials didn't get it: Not very funny, rude, not respectful of the president, and so on. Are they kidding? How could they not understand they were witnessing one of the bravest, most subversive performances in memory, which thrilled and gave hope to untold viewers and readers, and will be a huge marker when people look back on the Bush era?


Colbert's speech had a huge impact for two reasons: First, he spoke truth to power right to the face of the president, in front of the entire news media. No one could miss, sidestep or deny it.
That's right, right that little punk's face. More satire along more honest reporting it what is needed right now. Plus every damm week another person in this conglomerant of folks who think only they should run this country. And still the positive spin continues. I guess they are trying to out satirize themselves

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