Sunday, May 14, 2006


Ya know how you say something in your head and then later something happens that makes you wish you had said it aloud to someone or blogged it.

When BushCo. answered Dem. Rep. John Murtha's call for a pull back of troops because Iraq had become a cluster f*** with first. A bad clumsy redirection from the point he was making to talk of how if we leave right now it will all fall apart. And a stupid stunt of introducing resolution to pull the troops out imedeatly. And then ofcorse trying to slime Murtha by miss representing how he was approached with a birbe that he didn't take.

Well when BushCo finally came out with a plan for Iraq. All that was said was they had a plan. And so far nothing has cahange. Things have gotten worse and all they have done is cried about the media reporting on it.

WASHINGTON -- Democratic Sen. Barack Obama on Thursday ridiculed the Bush administration's defense of the Iraq war, arguing that messages such as "Plan for Victory" can't hide the "2,400 flag-draped coffins that have arrived at the Dover Air Force Base."

In a speech to EMILY's List, the Illinois senator used biting criticism in assailing the president and his handling of the war. Obama spoke in support of former Army Maj. Tammy Duckworth, a helicopter co-pilot who lost both her legs in combat in Iraq and is trying to win an open House seat.

"This idea," Obama said, "that somehow if you say the words 'plan for victory' and 'stay the course' over and over and over and over again and you put these subliminal messages behind you that say 'victory' and 'victory' and 'victory,' that somehow people are not going to notice the 2,400 flag-draped coffins that have arrived at the Dover Air Force Base."

Read it in full HERE.

We shouldn't even be there. We shouldn't sacrifce troops for this. We shouldn't have taken our eyes off bin laden. We shouldn't be spied on. We are not at war with Islam. BushCo. is. We need security not stupid stunts.

Or Dems need to get together with military, economics and science folk and start coming up with some alternatives. And none of that like minds or you gotta go crap. If they have proper 'cread. They are in on the disscusion. No more one liner spewing jackasses please.

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