Thursday, May 11, 2006

My Cities On Fire Baby.

Harvey Mayor Eric Kellogg was elected three years ago on the promise of a crime crack-down -- but the legacy of his police department is one of unsolved slayings and allegations of misconduct.

During the first two years of his reign, crime increased while arrests decreased. Police didn't solve a single murder in 2005, and so far they've made an arrest in just one of the five killings this year.

Talk about culture of corruption. Call the cops for something in a city that is only about 6.2 square miles and it takes forever for them to respond why?

Although Kellogg says he has increased the number of sworn police officers on the payroll, state records show he actually has cut it by 25 full- and part-time officers.
I just hope somebody in the FBI is reading the local papers. Or maybe reading my or somebodys supspecious bloggins and says. Hey, this would be easy to got after.

Men who helped Kellogg get elected were installed in crucial department command posts. The mere presence of those commanders, some who have well-documented backgrounds of misconduct, has scared away help from other local police departments and further crippled Harvey's chances of catching killers.

Harvey sits in a vital transitional spot. We have a big Bus tranfer hub and it is right next to the Metra electric lines. Maybe someday the crooks will go too far and get taken out by the law.

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