Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Cost Of Video Games Get Stupid by 2010

Analyst: In-Game Ads To $732 Million By 2010

According to a new report published by analysts the Yankee Group, in-game advertising could surge in size to around $732 million by the year 2010, up from just $56 million in 2005 and $22 million in 2004, as companies begin to target in-game worlds for static and video commercials.

Is this going to be like The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and their love of pizza turning into ads for Pizza Hut ending up in their video games? Or will it be more like games made up just to advertise just how wonderful certain products are. Whole games could made up just to bash the competition, literally. A nice "hack and slash" type game where you have to get your friends and family to switch 'phone carriers or they turn into zombies and you have to dispatch them with a special exclusive to this carrier wireless phone. Can you break free now? Good lord that one made the transformation quicken! I must find a... Aagh! They got me.

But I really think this just branding a "product" with a logo to show who da boss is. All these mergers have lead to some complex hierarchical structures. And the companies over the ones below just want to stick their logo into stuff that they don't have anything to do with just because they can.

And I thought video games where made by small groups of people hanging out in basements. When did you start needing so much dough? I guess it is a combination of trying exclusively control every part of development verses how back the old days you had people sharing programming tricks they just made up. And maybe the game designers are being lured with huge contracts that are huge based on what video games usually end up making

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