Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mow The Lawn Make some cash eh

Wow one whole buck for lawn mowing.

Not much of a lawn to mow. Needs to be tilled, limed, fertilized then reseeded. Very lumpy and hard to get the mower around on. I would so love to a new lawn. There are a ton of other things that I must take care of first. A lot of water damage. Worse yet its over time water damage the kind your home owners insurance don't cover.

Also I found these yummy Altoids eh. At least I think they're Altoids. They did smell lemony. I hope they ain't crack rocks. I do live in a nice drug filled area. Ya' know U.S.A. and all...

But it was a nice suprise to find these things along with the regular bottles, candy wrappers, and fast food cantainers. Also I need to get a nice fence so this stuff doesn't blow all over the yard. Mmm curious, these Altoids are making the side of mouth go numb...

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