Monday, March 26, 2007

The Terrorist Have Started Following The Brits Home

Somebody made a call and told them to grab some brit military people so it would look like since they are pulling out of Iraq the terrorist are going to come after them.

And I say the whole declare victory and leave thing is a stunt, this whole invasion thing is a stunt. They want to shift power. Haliburton is already headed over there. They want to live in the "holy land".

Watch we'll find out some big brit companies are over there too. As well more U.S. joints. But it's okay they'll have lots of troops there to support them...

Friday, March 23, 2007

How To Pay For TaxCuts

A coalition of governors and hospital groups says it has the support of nearly two-thirds of the members of Congress to block a Bush administration plan to cut $5 billion in Medicaid funding.

Oneday people will start make the connections between tax cuts and lack of dollars to pay for programs and services. And then instead of welcoming them they will ask, what is this going to cost me.

Read My Blog No New Tax Cuts!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tony Snow ( Makes His Own Garvy)

Now the question you are asking is, and then goes on to answer something that was not asked.

To: Richard Engel

I am sitting here contemplating killing my neighbors and their guests for throwing garbage in my yard.

I couldn't image what I would do if they had dropped bombs and left me in the dark without fresh water. And then went around picking up my family and friends for who knows what reason. Torturing them some times to death.

I don't think the disconnect is with the Iraqi people. I think its the neo cons and the lapdog media.

Shock and Awe 4 years of pain.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed

Turns out he did it all. Problem solved bush is great. The End?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Poor Little Alberto Chicagotrib Say Go Easy On Hime

The poor mans had a hard life.

Hi, I am doing my best to make sure we can read your mail, and listening in on your phone calls. Also I will be trying my best to get rid of anyone who might try to stop the bush administration from being able to do this. But just remember we are trying to get rid of political opposition, its just politics. No need for you to think it criminal that we want such control over your government, OK.

The things we, I do are only wrong and really really bad. And show a lack of any kind of morals... Wait let me tell you my sad life story.

WASHINGTON -- At his lowest moment in the highest law-enforcement office, with criticism pouring in from all sides, including the president who appointed him, Atty. Gen. Alberto Gonzales made a rare reference last week to his difficult past, speaking defiantly of his determination to weather the controversy over the firing of eight federal prosecutors.

"Let me just say one thing," Gonzales said. "I've overcome a lot of obstacles in my life to become attorney general. I am here not because I give up. I am here because I've learned from my mistakes, because I accept responsibility, and because I'm committed to doing my job."

Remember its all just criticism. Somebody bring me a tissue and can we please stop it with this oversight and accountability nonsense. People might get into trouble if you bring the law into it.

We Were So Poor

House? You were lucky to have a HOUSE! We used to live in one room, all hundred and twenty-six of us, no furniture. Half the floor was missing; we were all huddled together in one corner for fear of FALLING!

Friday, March 16, 2007

A Lot Of People Are Going To Die From AIDS

because of a special brew that cures AIDS.

AIDS cure or sick joke by African president?

One critic was Fadzai Gwaradzimba, the U.N. envoy to Gambia. She was abruptly kicked out of the country after saying on February 9 that patients should continue their normal treatment and that Jammeh's concoction be "assessed by an international team of experts."
Jammeh, 41, is a former army colonel who has no formal medical training. He wears white robes and carries a copy of the Quran with him in this mostly Muslim nation.

His degree is a high school diploma. But he claims his family has a history of healing people through traditional African medicine.

At the hospital in the capital, patients claim the president's concoction is making a difference to them.

Ousman Sow, 54, said he's been HIV-positive since 1996 and had been taking anti-retrovirals for the past fours years until he volunteered for this program.

Four weeks later, he said he's gained 30 pounds and feels like a new person.

"I am cured at this moment," he said.

Asked if he had any HIV symptoms, he responded, "No, I don't. As I stand before you I can honestly tell you I have ceased to have any HIV symptoms."

Patient after patient gave similar statements to CNN. But it was difficult to verify the authenticity of their testimony. The government claims to have scientific evidence, but it did not provide any to CNN.

Why do people offer fake cures? Maybe people who pull scams have some kind of mental condition that needs to be recognized and treated. Even in the U.S. there are people who would fall such things imagine a country where most of the people have been kept several steps back on the progress stairs. Quackwatch has some tips that should be shared with the world.

Media Lapdogs

Some people are saying the republicans have done some stuff wrong. Mostly administration critics. Republicans say some wrong headed stuff about what they did wrong. Anybody who points this out is an administration critic.

Did the last election mean anything? So will you please stop trying criminalize politics.

this is a nice read: Fox News can't take a punch

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Oh Just Quit It

Viacom goes after Youtube. They are claiming YouTube makes money..., from hosting copywrited video clips. Now they want a billion dollars because it not takes money out their pockets but also cost a lot of money to search for them on YouTube.

Viacom in $1 bln copyright suit vs Google, YouTube

Bored? Got nothing better to do? How about trying to kill YouTube. Yeah that is a good idea and makes sense. A lot of people are there when they could be here watching are crap. So if we do something like not improve our crapping offering and post a few clips on our own YouTube channel but instead try sue YouTube out of existence. Well I don't see any downside. Hey anybody who calls people idiots are the real idiots ;)

Monday, March 12, 2007


Crackpots say Hitler was a nice guy who just got some bad advice. Now Bush is a nice guy who is surrounded by enablers who make him think he can do whatever he wants. So don't blame him for whats going wrong.

despite the fact that this stuff he is pulling is a long standing neo-conservative ideology, power centered within the executive branch.

I am Sure This Is Not What It Seems

That they are running to escape U.S. law. I am sure there is a logical business reason like they don't to pay taxes.

Haliburton takes the money and runs

The company is relocating its corporate headquarters from Houston to Dubai, which the Associated Press points out has some of the world's most liberal tax and residency laws. Haliburton said its moving because of the growth opportunities in the region and analysts say its smart strategically. The company also is eager to jumpstart is stock price which has barely budged over the past year.

Though the stated reasons are financial, there's obviously a political dimension.

The Democrats who control Congress are going to make Haliburton's life miserable. Last month, federal investigators claimed that Halliburton was responsible for $2.7 billion of the $10 billion in contractor waste and overcharging in Iraq, the AP said.
Haliburton Watch.

300 Bucks

"Praise The Loud!"
Originally uploaded by zyphichore.
WASHINGTON - Attention owners of primitive TVs: If you still use an antenna to watch "American Idol," your picture will disappear at midnight on Feb. 17, 2009, unless you buy something called a digital converter box.

No one knows how much these boxes, which have yet to be produced, will cost. But the government will help you pay for them, at least until the money runs out.

The reason millions of TVs will be rendered obsolete is a government mandate for broadcasters to convert their signals from old-style analog to new-style digital.

The agency responsible for overseeing distribution of the converter boxes, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, explained Monday how the program is supposed to work.

Every household, regardless of whether it needs a box, will be eligible to receive two coupons worth $40 each that can be used to buy two converter boxes. The coupons must be requested between Jan. 1, 2008 and March 31, 2009.

Congress, in the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, set aside $1.5 billion to pay for the coupon program. Initially, $990 million will be used to pay for coupons and cover administrative costs, which are capped at $110 million.

So a set brand called Sansui I saw its 32" for $249.99 at a grocery store. It's digital and until widescreen HD sets drop to that price, thats gonna be my new TV. A 40 dollar coupon means they are planning on charging a ton of money for a converter box. We have digital cable in which you still need a digital set to view some channels...

But that's our government at work at its best. Helping those corporations out like that. I don't know why they don't just skip the coupon and give them the money directly.

Dick Says Some Dumb Stuff About The Iraq Invasion

And the media try to make him look good.

Cheney puts 'anti-war' Dems on defensive

With those showdowns nearing, Cheney tried to put Democrats on the defensive.

"When members speak not of victory but of time limits, deadlines and other arbitrary measures, they are telling the enemy simply to watch the clock and wait us out," Cheney said in a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Invade a country under false pretense and anybody who hears what you have to say makes it seem sane that you are trying get a win out of a horrific situation. Oh my look at cheney standing so tall against the Democratic Party. What a man. Not like its hard to that anyway.

Maybe it is time for another non binding toothless resolution. Yeah Dem's, as the other side collapses under the weight of their own absurd hubris. Just hang back and wait for media to give the proper narrative. And try and come off for change but against the narrative. Despite the voters wishes that brought them to polls. You don't to against how things are being spun now do they...

Wow Your Mac Book Is Hot

Apple Computers are dangerous. They are lucky to be alive. If you use an Apple make sure you have working smoke detectors outside your bedroom and other recommended places in your home.

Friday, March 09, 2007

SBC Wanted Yahoo Ma'Bell Didn't

When I signed up for DSL it was Ameritech up2speed. When the box with the thingy in it that acts like a bridge so my computer thinks its hooked up to a LAN when it is really hooked up to a wide area network which is not a modem because well the fact that there is no modulating and demodulating going on is part of what makes it faster. Well it said SBC Yahoo DSL on it, the box.

Then later all this coming together started and now I find myself with AT&T Yahoo DSL.

SAN FRANCISCO - Yahoo Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO - news)'s recently resurgent stock retreated by more than 5 percent Friday amid fears that a setback in a lucrative partnership with AT&T Inc. will undercut the anticipated gains from an overhaul of the Web portal's advertising platform.

The sell-off was triggered by an unconfirmed report in The Wall Street Journal that AT&T wants to stop giving Yahoo a slice of the subscriber fees from a 6-year-old co-branding agreement to sell Internet access in most of the country.

If AT&T gets its way, Yahoo would have to be satisfied with whatever money it could make by selling its own online products, such as digital music or matchmaking services, to subscribers of the joint service.
And my RSS feeds don't work no more. And most that I added with the my yahoo button wouldn't updated when I first added them. So I have stopped using the page as a portal.

And the yahoo 360 blog well I think they decided to let you post videos but too little too late. And that whole get rid of the adult chat rooms from groups. And not being able to even search for adult groups. Ya know sometimes adult just means adult peer group. But really they need come undone.

Ooo Neat I Will Wait A Bit More Before Getting A 64

SAN JOSE, Calif. - The high-flying Advanced Micro Devices Inc. of 2006 has given way to a company in financial peril, saddled with debt and bleeding from a brutal price battle with its larger and suddenly resurgent Silicon Valley archrival, Intel Corp.
Though the price competition has cut into both chip makers' profits, Wall Street has punished AMD's stock particularly hard. Its shares have plunged more than 60 percent over the past year on fears about the company's ability to continue gaining share without hurting profit margins. Meanwhile, Intel's stock is down just 4 percent.
It took me forever to have a reason to move up from my 400mhz. So I will wait until I get one real cheap...

PS2 Will Become A Hot Item On Ebay Soon

TOKYO (Reuters) - Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE - news). is removing a chip from the European version of its new PlayStation 3 (PS3) game console, a move that cuts costs but means users cannot play some of their old games.

I don't get that. Its not like there was reason for a new game system in the first place. And you cost cutting measure is to take away backwards compatibility for games that are not that old.

Friday, March 02, 2007


If you have anything to say about how we got into Iraq or what happens to soldiers after they come back. You are simply an administration critic.

The news media sucks out loud!

The Nothing At Ground Will Not Be Televised

Ok, so now they are going get rid of the webcam pointed at ground zero. But it has nothing to do with them not doing anything to get the towers rebuilt.

NEW YORK - The view of ground zero just got a little smaller. The agency that oversaw the redesign of the World Trade Center site on Thursday stopped posting on its Web site hourly images from a camera pointed at ground zero.
Reduced traffic on the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. Web site, at, didn't justify the cost of hourly photo updates, said A.J. Carter, a spokesman for the Empire State Development Corp., the LMDC's parent corporation. The agency still plans to post pictures of progress at ground zero from time to time.

I don't want to know what they was paying for that webcam. Not when a web hosting and webcam32 cost like nothing.