Friday, March 09, 2007

SBC Wanted Yahoo Ma'Bell Didn't

When I signed up for DSL it was Ameritech up2speed. When the box with the thingy in it that acts like a bridge so my computer thinks its hooked up to a LAN when it is really hooked up to a wide area network which is not a modem because well the fact that there is no modulating and demodulating going on is part of what makes it faster. Well it said SBC Yahoo DSL on it, the box.

Then later all this coming together started and now I find myself with AT&T Yahoo DSL.

SAN FRANCISCO - Yahoo Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO - news)'s recently resurgent stock retreated by more than 5 percent Friday amid fears that a setback in a lucrative partnership with AT&T Inc. will undercut the anticipated gains from an overhaul of the Web portal's advertising platform.

The sell-off was triggered by an unconfirmed report in The Wall Street Journal that AT&T wants to stop giving Yahoo a slice of the subscriber fees from a 6-year-old co-branding agreement to sell Internet access in most of the country.

If AT&T gets its way, Yahoo would have to be satisfied with whatever money it could make by selling its own online products, such as digital music or matchmaking services, to subscribers of the joint service.
And my RSS feeds don't work no more. And most that I added with the my yahoo button wouldn't updated when I first added them. So I have stopped using the page as a portal.

And the yahoo 360 blog well I think they decided to let you post videos but too little too late. And that whole get rid of the adult chat rooms from groups. And not being able to even search for adult groups. Ya know sometimes adult just means adult peer group. But really they need come undone.

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