Thursday, August 31, 2006


When shocking scenes of devastation unfolded on television screens last August, the world was incredulous that the sole superpower could get its own crisis so very wrong. Relief offers poured in from abroad. China chipped in $5 million. Tiny Brunei gave $1 million. Even countries with little to give dug deep. Bangladesh sent $1 million, Rwanda wired $100,000, and Afghanistan coughed up $99,800. The United Arab Emirates was the biggest donor, doling out more than $99 million. By year’s end, the U.S. State Department had received $126 million from 36 countries and international organizations. (Other countries, such as Canada, India, Kuwait, and Turkey chose to donate directly to the American Red Cross or the Bush-Clinton Hurricane Katrina Fund.)
The donated cash met a different fate. By late October, the State Department had allocated $66 million of the $126 million in international assistance to FEMA, which then granted it to the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), the nonprofit aid arm of the United Methodist Church. With the funds, UMCOR established Katrina Aid Today, a consortium of nine national aid agencies dedicated to case-management work for Katrina evacuees. But to date, only $13 million has actually been disbursed, and it has been allocated almost exclusively to salaries and training for case workers, not to evacuees.

No no its Ray Nagin fault ain't it?

Mother Jones Keeping Track Of The BushCo Lies

All you really need to remember is that Iraq was never a threat to this country. So sit back and read as the reasons these sociopaths give keep changing. One day they deny something another day they admit it like it was no big deal.

But just remember this. We are all little child like things compared to them. We think we know what we are talking about but we don't. So no matter what we say about what it is they do. We are never really talking about what they are doing or saying. Even if we have video of them saying it. It does not matter. We just don't get it, we just don't understand the seriousness of the world today. They have been patient with us so far. But with three incumbents loosing in the primary's, that patience is wearing thin.

How dare you talk about bringing accountability and investigations into war profiteering. Sure our country is hated more than ever in the world today. And it's being run into the ground internally were we can't even help a city rebuild or raise two building back up. But you got to understand that they control the three branches of or government. So you see it is not their fault. Just wait and you'll hear who is someday when they are done denying things are going badly. Like Iraq, it's them ungrateful Iraqis fault.

Lie by Lie: Chronicle of a War Foretold: August 1990 to March 2003

The first drafts of history are fragmentary. Important revelations arrive late, and out of order. In this timeline, we’ve assembled the history of the Iraq War to create a resource we hope will help resolve open questions of the Bush era. What did our leaders know and when did they know it? And, perhaps just as important, what red flags did we miss, and how could we have missed them? This is the first installment in our Iraq War timeline project.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Rumpole Karr Snobbery

I had something to say about this Karr Ramsey mess. But thanks to windoze xp my rant about over hyped coverage of this nonsense and nothing about the little Iraqi girl who was stalked raped and mudered along with all her family by our troops.

Somehow we aren't supposed to be talking about it. It might hurt the feelings of the other troops or something like that.
I was going to talk about an episode of the Brit TV show Rumpole of The Bailey in which a man confesses to a famous murder. He was a murderer alright but the one he did commit was not as important, special even. So he turns himself in for the much more glamorous one and gets wined and dined by the police. Well anyway I hope the jerks do some investigating of this karr person to see what he was really up to but I doubt it.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What The Fuck Is Wrong With These People

Steven Green is alleged to have shot and killed the woman's relatives, raped the victim, then fatally shot her.
I guess there is some reason for calling the little girl a woman. I am officially sick of the media as of right now. This story should not be treated like this. There might be more sick ass fucks doing shit as well. Attention needs to be brought on this and all misconduct of the our troops.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Everything They Do Is The Wrong Thing To Do

The British security services, MI5 and MI6, are understood to be dismayed that a number of sensitive details surrounding the alleged plot - including an FBI estimate that as many as 50 people were involved - were leaked to the media.

Don't yell ahhah or nothing they already made it clear that when they leak it's good. When somebody leaks about their wrong doing then it's bad and has to stop. So even though they have been asked to stop they still will, watch. Elections ya know.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The New mantra

blank Doesn't the seriousness or the nature of the blank. This in many variations will be heard over and over until November

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I Want To Do Fake Video Adds Too

Man I gots to get my skill set together so I can pretend videos that are too.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fresh Lemon-ade Right Out of The Tap

When they do any work that shakes the ground with the heavy trucks. The water comes out all yellowish. Got to get a whole house filter. But then we still have galvanized pipes. So what is cheaper whole house and an under the sink on too. Or putting in copper pipes...

Monday, August 14, 2006

Now That There Is Now A recall

Back when I got me a Gateway2000 80386 computer. It came with modem that stop working on me. I was told to a return merchandise authorization number and send back to them. The problem they told me that I was describing was one that they never heard of anyone having before.

After sending it in I heard nothing from them and when I called they said didn't ever receive nor was there any record of my RMA. This went on for a bit then I got letter telling me about how they are recalling and replacing the modems. Deny there is problem until you have a fix.

Now the exploding Dells have made news National and Local.

Intitled CT in a nutshell

I heart Tom Tomorrow so much

Click this HERE link to this lovely picture summing up the Lieberman crazy crap.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Konbanwa (Good Evening)

Some guy name Alfred Hitchcock born today August 13, 1889. He liked women's hair a lot and bathroom humor. He would often times wonder into film shoots when he was supposed to be one of the people behind the camera.

A really good movie you should rent is North by Northwest. It is a nice little film about mistaken identity and crop dusting. Here in the clip above Martin Landau mistakes Cary Grant for babara Bain.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Few Religious Words

Something some guy wanted me to type up so I put it here. Alot of errors but no editorializing on my part ;)

Bible Class Feb. 25, 1998
Topic by Bro. Johnny Smithe
Walking In Obedience

The act of habit of obeying compliance with a command. Prohibition. Or known law and rule prescribed. Submission to authority.

We as Christian or me as a true believer in Christ should be in obedience at all time. And keep God's word in our hearts.

Romans 5-19
For as by one mans disobedience many were made sinners: So by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.

I don't want to bore you but I think when Rev. Jones teaches us about going out to knock on doors. And tell others about Christ. That is being in obedience to God's word. We as believers should have faith enough to let others know about God's word.

Romans 16-26
But now is made manifest. And by the scriptures of the prophets, according to the commandment of the everlasting God. Made to all nations for the obedience of faith.

As Christians we know it will not be an easy task to live steadfast in this world today. Without obstacle.

Hebrews 5-8
Thought he were A, Son. Yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered.

Romans 16-19
Paul Writes. For your obedience is come abroad unto all men. I am glad therefore on your behalf. But yet I would have you wise unto that which is good. And simple concerning EVIL.

When we walk in obedience. No matter what we encounter. Or what may get in our path. We should remember.

Romans 16-20
And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. A-men.

When trying to live Christ like. When to trying to do the right things at all time.

We should read. 2 Corinthians 10-5-6
Casting down imaginations. And every high thing that exhalteth itself against the knowledge of God. And bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. And having in readiness to revenge all disobedience. When your obedience is fulfilled.

Our mind should be on Christ each day. When we start our daily routine.
1 Peter 1-2
Elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father. Through sanctification of the spirit. Unto obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ. Grace unto you. And peace be multiplied.

Walking in obedience in out everyday lives is very essential.
In Deuteronomy:
•Chapter 4. Moses commands obedience to Israel
•Chapter 7. Blessing of obedience.
•Chapter 12. Obedience rewarded.
•Chapter 28. Curse on disobedience.

In ending my topic: I want you to remember
Proverbs 3-6
In all ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Thank you
Bro. Johnny Smithe

Friday, August 11, 2006

Christ On A Stick (Fake Terror)

The best way to fight "Islamic fascists" is to kill anybody who living where they might be. Torture anybody who looks like they might be one. Make lots of claims that what you did and do to them is their own fault and terrorist.

The British foiling that plot shows what you can do if you are not busy spying on people just because you can.

The war on terrorism is a police action. Neocons war with Islam is a deranged action. A police action involves putting more officers on the beat patrolling the areas most likely to be attacked. And people keeping their ear to streets. Informants, people who don't believe in killing the innocent or are motivated by reward, is how they knew to watch these folks. I just hope it was not a wait 'til it was most advantageous to reveal and capture them bit as it seems to be.

Using rhetoric at this point still is a sign of insanity I feel. The consequences of your actions are staring you right in the face. Yet you laff it up and take a vacation. But pop-up to toss out some more bullshit during this.

The thing is there are a lot of people who are mad already at actions that have occurred on behalf of U.S. interests. To go around killing people who are not, just makes people want to be. I could not imagine living in terror everyday and not wanting to.

The use of the label fascists is both a horrible thing to stick on the end of name that identifies a wide swathe of humans. And it is very much the crazy pot trying to make its current actions seem justified by saying, see how the kettle reacted to us trying are best to overwhelm them with force.

Being tough on terror seems to have nothing to do with defending us against it. The 9/11 commissions' suggestion were never implemented. This "latest" plot to use liquid explosives is not new. A while back we heard almost anecdotally that screener's had failed find test substances at the airports. Guess what, that's what they supposed be looking for. But it is only now after three incumbents lose their races that now like sports stadiums you can't bring liquids on flights.

Good point about mixing up a bomb at the airport HERE. Threats all over the place run for your lives to the republican party. Nevermind the corruption and lies. And yet everything that is done in the name of security is exactly the thing you should not be doing ever.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terrorizing The Public

When DID they know? And how convenient or stupid to bring it up now? If they had of been about this instead of spying on Americans..., but that is how evil folk think.

Lets hope people take full notice this time.

Oh Your Fucking God!

Stop this stop this now! Stop it with the people who ain't with BushCo. winning primaries and stuff. Or maybe you want more foiled terror plots adding more delays to your summer travel plans.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I Had Different Word

Media enablers. I guess that works too to describe the he said she said reporting.


A good summing up of Joe I. Lieberman HERE.

What Crazy People Say About Genocide

Cam across this crazy post. HERE. But the thing is now I kind of feel that people like that need killing. But in some sad sic blowup everybody around them that looks like they might be one of them.

No I mean like to like in ya know them westerns. I twitch my shoulder and make them go for their guns and... Oh wait. How about we get out vote this time around and forever remember they out there and promise never to go to sleep, or vacation again.


Take the more dignified route nope. Whine and claw and scrape.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Send More Tubes

Not YouTubes this time but will link to videos of these people making fools of themselves again. Lieberman website goes down due to exceeding his limited bandwidth. Should have went for a $99 a month plan instead of a $15 a month one.

And since there was no bandwidth cap, they is tricky these website hosts, they keep the meter running then tell you owe them for going over the limit then suspend your account. It used to say that now it says under construction.

Okay Here's What Should Happen Now

"Faux" new should be fined heavily for their unfunny antics. When you have your plants behaving like this somebody in the real world of journalism should step up and say something. This is just sic shit.

Link to video clip HERE

In A World That Can Create Something Like This

And on this side we seem to be moving well into a completely hightech si-fi future.

The Sony mylo, slated for availability in September at a retail price of about $350, is a first-of-its-kind product that uses Wi-Fi networks, analysts say. It is not a cellular phone and thus doesn't carry monthly service fees. And though it could handle Web-based e-mail services, it doesn't support corporate e-mail programs.

Instead, the slim, oblong-shaped gizmo that has a 2.4-inch display and slides open to expose a thumb keyboard is specifically geared toward young, mainstream consumers for messaging and Internet-based calls, commonly known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls.

As long as a Wi-Fi network is accessible, a mylo user could chat away or browse the Web.

The mylo — which stands for "my life online," — will be marketed toward 18- to 24-year-olds, the multitasking generation that relies heavily on instant messaging and is already viewing e-mail as passe, Sony said.

One of these days soon you'll be walking down the street on Moonbase Alpha 9 and talking to your friend on your wi-fi instant messenger device in your lapel. When a news alert will interupt to tell you about the situation in the middle east being just about on the cupst of the brink and the midst of maybe with a little bit of eehhhh of becoming a war.

I Hope Ned Wins

Two tax cuts for the rich. No rise in the minimum wage. Medicare plan that gives money to drug companies and locks people into paying high prices for drugs. And imposed a penalty for not signing up for it by a certain date.(BTW: this is why your can't make drugs that have been made illegal legal. Do you trust these people?!?)

hurricane response. Fox "news". The fascist notion that Israel should keep blowing people up who aren't now or ever would be a threat because it will send a message to the ones who maybe are. Spying on Americans that started way before that number day. Incompetent handling of just about everything they touch. The culture of corruption. Phone jamming an other dirty tricks at the polls. A plan for victory that doesn't seem have any substance.

Inviting a Referendum on the War
By Jules Witcover

WASHINGTON - After tiptoeing around the question for months, the Democratic congressional leadership has finally decided to risk the chances of taking control of the House and Senate on making the November midterm elections a referendum on the Iraq war.

The letter to President Bush signed by a dozen party leaders, including minority leaders Nancy Pelosi in the House and Harry Reid in the Senate, confirms greater movement toward the view that the war has turned so sour that openly calling for a start to withdrawing U.S. troops can be a winning posture.

It calls for a "transition to a more limited mission" by year's end in the redeployment forces out of Iraq, which Republican leaders like party national chairman Ken Mehlman have dubbed "cut and run."

And yeah all the Chicken Hawks screaming cut and run.

Strategy For Iraq

Scapegoats Diplomacy

Ah so it was the Iraqi people who are responsible for the unnecessary invasion of their country turning out so badly.

Well that solves that. Now just get that international force in there to fix it all up for us. And could ya get it done before the decider gets back from vacation? Thanks, ya'll are good people

And no need to ask about how much big US corporations and BushCo. personally have made off of this "war".

It's small now but a lot of the wingnuts have started saying the Iraqis are to blame and next you will hear a confused and befuddled Rummy say the same thing. Then they will all say it. And the corporate media will simply be discussing it as fact. See that so much different than if they will just repeat the lies told by BushCo. as if they are true.

Everything Is Ok Now

BushCo. is on vacation right now sailing around the world in a bathtub with my rubber ducky. I can't respond to world events that have I created or have made worse. I have decided to leave taking care of those matters up Condi and the rest of 'em. I have full confidence in their abilities to handle this or that and so should you.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Resistance Is Futile Baby

You are not spending more time on the internet because of slowly but surely broadband access is spreading. And reality TV is basically a bunch of dumb shows for and made by halfwits. Nope so why don't the networks come online and push their crap. Well bobs your uncle mate.

ABC adding shows to broadband player

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - After what it calls a successful test under its belt, ABC is poised to relaunch its streaming video service in the fall with a tweaked broadband player and more shows available online for a shorter period of time per episode.
Viewers will see a broadband player created by the Disney Internet Group with a minor change here and there since the test in May and June. There will be slightly longer commercial inventory but Albert Cheng, executive vp digital media for Disney-ABC Television Group, said it wouldn't hamper the "great consumer experience" that the service was.
"Most people watch because they missed the episode, and that happens mostly within a discrete period of time," Cheng said Thursday. "Once you let it sit there, it doesn't get that much usage down the line." Most of the viewing was within the first 24 hours after the telecast.
ABC didn't release specific length of tune data, though it said a majority of the viewers had watched most of the episode. The ones that didn't stopped watching because they had already seen the episode or were interrupted, according to focus groups done by Frank N. Magid Associates.

Here's an ad idea. You have guy who missed show going to the store and getting himself a good 4 head Video Cassette recorder for $40.

And then maybe some intelligent material would be thought up to air over IPTV.


NBC strikes deal with YouTube

A network representative confirmed a report Tuesday in The Wall Street Journal that NBC has plans to upload promotional video clips of some of its TV shows, including "Saturday Night Live" and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." The entertainment company, owned by General Electric, will advertise on YouTube and promote the site on some of its TV shows. Financial details were not disclosed. A YouTube representative did not return calls for comment.

And as soon as they end, in the name of big corporation who hurting and need it and need to control what we see and hear completely, Network Neutrality. We will have no way to avoid the crap anymore.

And one day they will come up with a helpful and informative character. Who on behalf of our Government and the big networks, which will all be one by then, tell how to best make through the day. Point out the dangers of having a bad attitude and we will all call Big something something.

Strange Bedfellows

Oft times skewed toward a certain direction. I wonder if this means now you'll be able to look thing up that appear in an AP story to check it for accuracy.

AP, Google confirm online news deal

It's a licensing agreement that lets us use original AP content in new ways than we have used in the past for Google News," Google spokeswoman Sonya Boralv said.
Some publishers and other media content owners complain they have lost the ability to control how their online content is consumed with the rise of Web search systems from Google and other Web companies such as Yahoo Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO - news).

This shifting balance of power has reduced once mighty publishers to backseat contributors, while allowing Google and Yahoo to capture a growing percentage of resulting advertising revenue as more readers get their news online.

Google News gathers news stories from more than 4,500 global sources and lets users search for them by typing relevant words into a small text box. Expanded readership can help media partners boost audiences and advertising revenue.

Or does it mean soon there will be a lot more memory holes for things fall into? I mean it seem like this has to do with news outlets wanting to have come to their site directly. But search engines were here first so um, I don't understand the lawsuits. Why didn't don't they put something in to draw or link to the original page?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

This Video Changes My Mind Completely

Wow man, when a wizard avatar talks to you man. You gotta listen man. If the right wants win they more plants sitting in controlled audiences at fox broadcasts asking questions that go right along with what is BushCo. current mantra. And of course more puppet news casters man.

So I see it all clearly now. You have to go kill a bunch of innocent people because they chose to live where you are shooting at your so called enemy was supposed to be at. Nope it's all as clear mud.

watch and be converted by Logitech magic.

ExxonMobil's Al Gore Video

WOW! Global warming must be bogus if they will do stuff like this.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Exploding Dell Laptop Deux

Exploding Dell Laptop
Originally uploaded by lividecay.
Check it, Nice.

Exploding Dell laptop

Exploding Dell laptop
Originally uploaded by esgargs.
Good evening Mr. Philps. Your mission if you choose to accept is t.... and he has with him... and as always if any member of your team are caught or captured Condi will... This message self destruct in 5 seconds.

Dude you getting a burnnig laptop!

I wounder if it was too much thermal gel like that Mac 'puter problem or not enuff. Or may the wrong kind of GEL I know Iknow I always think the worst.

About The Pure Maddness

The folks over at News Hounds got a good clip of Gen. Wesley Clark on "faux" news. He is talking about the insane idea that if you kill a bunch of people who are not doing you any harm. That will make the people who are, straighten up and act right.

Fuck that anti-semitic pro terrorist bullshit. Isreal should be foever condemmend for what they are doing to the people of Lebanon because hezbollah are running around in there. First question all these crazy as fucks have to ask is why is the Lebanonese Government so weak?!?

Here's a LINK TO IT over on the YouTubes.