Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mother Jones Keeping Track Of The BushCo Lies

All you really need to remember is that Iraq was never a threat to this country. So sit back and read as the reasons these sociopaths give keep changing. One day they deny something another day they admit it like it was no big deal.

But just remember this. We are all little child like things compared to them. We think we know what we are talking about but we don't. So no matter what we say about what it is they do. We are never really talking about what they are doing or saying. Even if we have video of them saying it. It does not matter. We just don't get it, we just don't understand the seriousness of the world today. They have been patient with us so far. But with three incumbents loosing in the primary's, that patience is wearing thin.

How dare you talk about bringing accountability and investigations into war profiteering. Sure our country is hated more than ever in the world today. And it's being run into the ground internally were we can't even help a city rebuild or raise two building back up. But you got to understand that they control the three branches of or government. So you see it is not their fault. Just wait and you'll hear who is someday when they are done denying things are going badly. Like Iraq, it's them ungrateful Iraqis fault.

Lie by Lie: Chronicle of a War Foretold: August 1990 to March 2003

The first drafts of history are fragmentary. Important revelations arrive late, and out of order. In this timeline, we’ve assembled the history of the Iraq War to create a resource we hope will help resolve open questions of the Bush era. What did our leaders know and when did they know it? And, perhaps just as important, what red flags did we miss, and how could we have missed them? This is the first installment in our Iraq War timeline project.

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