Friday, August 11, 2006

Christ On A Stick (Fake Terror)

The best way to fight "Islamic fascists" is to kill anybody who living where they might be. Torture anybody who looks like they might be one. Make lots of claims that what you did and do to them is their own fault and terrorist.

The British foiling that plot shows what you can do if you are not busy spying on people just because you can.

The war on terrorism is a police action. Neocons war with Islam is a deranged action. A police action involves putting more officers on the beat patrolling the areas most likely to be attacked. And people keeping their ear to streets. Informants, people who don't believe in killing the innocent or are motivated by reward, is how they knew to watch these folks. I just hope it was not a wait 'til it was most advantageous to reveal and capture them bit as it seems to be.

Using rhetoric at this point still is a sign of insanity I feel. The consequences of your actions are staring you right in the face. Yet you laff it up and take a vacation. But pop-up to toss out some more bullshit during this.

The thing is there are a lot of people who are mad already at actions that have occurred on behalf of U.S. interests. To go around killing people who are not, just makes people want to be. I could not imagine living in terror everyday and not wanting to.

The use of the label fascists is both a horrible thing to stick on the end of name that identifies a wide swathe of humans. And it is very much the crazy pot trying to make its current actions seem justified by saying, see how the kettle reacted to us trying are best to overwhelm them with force.

Being tough on terror seems to have nothing to do with defending us against it. The 9/11 commissions' suggestion were never implemented. This "latest" plot to use liquid explosives is not new. A while back we heard almost anecdotally that screener's had failed find test substances at the airports. Guess what, that's what they supposed be looking for. But it is only now after three incumbents lose their races that now like sports stadiums you can't bring liquids on flights.

Good point about mixing up a bomb at the airport HERE. Threats all over the place run for your lives to the republican party. Nevermind the corruption and lies. And yet everything that is done in the name of security is exactly the thing you should not be doing ever.

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