Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I Hope Ned Wins

Two tax cuts for the rich. No rise in the minimum wage. Medicare plan that gives money to drug companies and locks people into paying high prices for drugs. And imposed a penalty for not signing up for it by a certain date.(BTW: this is why your can't make drugs that have been made illegal legal. Do you trust these people?!?)

hurricane response. Fox "news". The fascist notion that Israel should keep blowing people up who aren't now or ever would be a threat because it will send a message to the ones who maybe are. Spying on Americans that started way before that number day. Incompetent handling of just about everything they touch. The culture of corruption. Phone jamming an other dirty tricks at the polls. A plan for victory that doesn't seem have any substance.

Inviting a Referendum on the War
By Jules Witcover

WASHINGTON - After tiptoeing around the question for months, the Democratic congressional leadership has finally decided to risk the chances of taking control of the House and Senate on making the November midterm elections a referendum on the Iraq war.

The letter to President Bush signed by a dozen party leaders, including minority leaders Nancy Pelosi in the House and Harry Reid in the Senate, confirms greater movement toward the view that the war has turned so sour that openly calling for a start to withdrawing U.S. troops can be a winning posture.

It calls for a "transition to a more limited mission" by year's end in the redeployment forces out of Iraq, which Republican leaders like party national chairman Ken Mehlman have dubbed "cut and run."

And yeah all the Chicken Hawks screaming cut and run.

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