Friday, August 04, 2006

Strange Bedfellows

Oft times skewed toward a certain direction. I wonder if this means now you'll be able to look thing up that appear in an AP story to check it for accuracy.

AP, Google confirm online news deal

It's a licensing agreement that lets us use original AP content in new ways than we have used in the past for Google News," Google spokeswoman Sonya Boralv said.
Some publishers and other media content owners complain they have lost the ability to control how their online content is consumed with the rise of Web search systems from Google and other Web companies such as Yahoo Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO - news).

This shifting balance of power has reduced once mighty publishers to backseat contributors, while allowing Google and Yahoo to capture a growing percentage of resulting advertising revenue as more readers get their news online.

Google News gathers news stories from more than 4,500 global sources and lets users search for them by typing relevant words into a small text box. Expanded readership can help media partners boost audiences and advertising revenue.

Or does it mean soon there will be a lot more memory holes for things fall into? I mean it seem like this has to do with news outlets wanting to have come to their site directly. But search engines were here first so um, I don't understand the lawsuits. Why didn't don't they put something in to draw or link to the original page?

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