Monday, August 28, 2006

Rumpole Karr Snobbery

I had something to say about this Karr Ramsey mess. But thanks to windoze xp my rant about over hyped coverage of this nonsense and nothing about the little Iraqi girl who was stalked raped and mudered along with all her family by our troops.

Somehow we aren't supposed to be talking about it. It might hurt the feelings of the other troops or something like that.
I was going to talk about an episode of the Brit TV show Rumpole of The Bailey in which a man confesses to a famous murder. He was a murderer alright but the one he did commit was not as important, special even. So he turns himself in for the much more glamorous one and gets wined and dined by the police. Well anyway I hope the jerks do some investigating of this karr person to see what he was really up to but I doubt it.

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