Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Strategy For Iraq

Scapegoats Diplomacy

Ah so it was the Iraqi people who are responsible for the unnecessary invasion of their country turning out so badly.

Well that solves that. Now just get that international force in there to fix it all up for us. And could ya get it done before the decider gets back from vacation? Thanks, ya'll are good people

And no need to ask about how much big US corporations and BushCo. personally have made off of this "war".

It's small now but a lot of the wingnuts have started saying the Iraqis are to blame and next you will hear a confused and befuddled Rummy say the same thing. Then they will all say it. And the corporate media will simply be discussing it as fact. See that so much different than if they will just repeat the lies told by BushCo. as if they are true.

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