Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Chavez v. Netflix, Inc. The Battle Continues

Still waiting for my free netfilx rental month. And I ain't thinking 'bout signin up again 'til I gets it. Okay class action lawsuits work like this. Somebody sues a big company the lawyers make out big time. And the people they sue the big company on behalf of get coupons.

Like the monitor thing back in the '90s. You got either 6 bucks or $13 off $250 of manufactures retail price stuff. And the man who started it well he got more than 6 bucks.

But with the netflix settlement there have been a lot of objections that are holding things up. LINK. So now I jsut sit and wait and wait for my free month. But it is funny how netflix tried to sneak it passed people that if you sign to get the month free. You sign up to renew your subscription. In other words it was an atempt to make back what they had to pay out in the settlement.

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