Friday, May 12, 2006

How Old Are You My Dear?

So you meat someone online and they say they're like 18 and a half. You are in a video chat room and they kinda do look a little they could be that age or maybe younger. So you ask for a picture um, of their face... Or with their face in it. You download it and maybe like your allways on virus protection. The Kodak age detection system tells you this person is only 15yrs old.

That is not that far off from happening. But you know it would probaly be as effective as porn image detection software. It was on an episode of the old PBS computer show Computer Chronicles. The host Stewart Cheifet siad an image from the Dick Tracy movie got flaged as porn with a some software he using.

Kodak experimented by photographing 88 faces and attempting to automatically sort the pictures into two categories: children and adults. 62 of the 88 faces were correctly classified. Children were more likely to be misfiled than adults. Kodak’s patent builds on this research to include more categories: baby, child, adult, and older adult, with wrinkle and hair color analysis supplementing the red-eye detection technology.
Full Kodak patent story link.

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