Sunday, October 15, 2006

Third Party Candidates

Um, I was thinking of stuff along the lines of trying to introduce bills and stuff. But maybe since they say that they're trying raise attention to issues...

A young swimming champion has injected some fun into Catalonia's election campaign that starts tomorrow by stripping naked as candidate for a new anti-nationalist party.

Albert Rivera, 26, a lawyer with no political experience, follows in the footsteps of the Italian former porn star La Cicciolina, who bared a breast in a provocative campaign to become an MEP. In pursuit of Catalan votes on 1 November, Mr Rivera appears naked on posters for his Citizens of Catalonia party. "We don't care what language you speak, or what clothes you wear. We only care about you," claims the slogan alongside a photo of the candidate, his hands crossed across his genitals.

Or maybe spend a year before elections talking about those issues. And trying to make changes and a name for yourself.

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