Monday, October 09, 2006

Page Sex Don't Mean Nothing

evangelicos don't care about Foley or what the others did to cover it all up. Or even the fact that this might be just one thing amongst a lot. They believe too much in the lies about what Democrats stand for them to be any influence to anyone but republicans.

As long has they hear what they want to hear it wont matter what comes out about their party of choice. All the repubs have to do is keep this investigating it bit going until after the elections. Everyone will just get tired of it. Evangelicos are going to still get out and vote.

If torturing people until they tell you they are terrorist don't sway them. What makes people think a little sex with underlings will.

Democrats need to stop worrying about who will vote for republicans and start talking the people who would vote for them. They have to start previewing their plans. I say preview because anything they put out there during the elections will just be held up as fodder by the republicans.

Look at tax breaks for the rich. Republicans and the media can get away with saying Democrats want to bring more taxes on the middle class working families. Why not spend some time talking about that lie? A lie meant to preserve tax cuts for rich people who can easily make some of their income untaxable with investments, nevermind the cheating. There are advantages to not living paycheck to paycheck. And when the tax money ain't coming in to government the burden is shifted on to the working class. It would be nice if a series of talks were held on things like that. That would focus on the lies but not on the liars.

A Voeh or series of YouTube videos with Barak Obama (D-IL) explaining how the Estate Tax is not a death tax on working class peoples. Or explaining how social security ain't in trouble.

But no, they'll just keep playing keep up as best we can. Instead of leading.

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