Sunday, October 15, 2006

IL-Governors Race 51% Dissapproval

According to a Tribune/WGN-TV poll, have to register to see story. Nobody really likes either candidate. Lets see now

Rod Blagojevich (D)
  • Plays the game
  • Guilty by associating with people under investigating

Judy Baar Topinka (R)

If he can survive the game and people talk about what he has done for Illinois then maybe... But a lot of this is long rooted stuff that goes deep back in the years when this was a long time republican governors only but, a very blue as they say state. I think it's sad when everybody thinks it has to be business as usual. Even sadder when it seems it has to be brought to light and attached squarely on the shoulders of the Democrat Gov. right now, laugh.

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Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Rich Whitney, the Green Party's candidate for Illinois Governor!