Tuesday, October 31, 2006

IL-Gov Yes You Can Be Too Negative

When you don't have nobody to choose from you pick the lesser of the two evils. Blago' is not corrupt. His is just very extremely ethically challenged. It took a lot of doings to be the first IL Dem' Gov' in a quarter century. And Topinka, that stunt with Jack Ryan and bringing in Alan Keys will forever be around her neck. Despite the media over looking it and her choosing Jim Edgar to be her transition team head. Ya a lot of people in this state have memories longer than current news articles.

Update: Did not cap this from same noon news but, they have on CLTV too so I got a second chance. There for that one anonymous person I have something including the green party candidate. Don't look like anybody has to worry that a third party will sap many votes, eh.

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