Friday, September 01, 2006


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Sometimes when we watched films in history class or read about the Salem witch trials some people laughed at the plight others we suffering. I used to think they were just trying to be funny.

We invaded a country that did us no wrong. A country our government supported for years. Now it is just war profiteers and sectarian violence. Even though what we see on TV here in the US is heavily filtered. You can see the horror in this invasion.

What do they see that they can just blame on those of us who are in opposition. As if it would go a lot better but if we didn't give off all these negative vibes.

It's nice to note that they are now scrambling to hold on to power to avoid the investigation into wrong doing. But remember this. There are people among us who believed in the farce regardless of it being right or wrong. People who that torture and death of innocent people is alright as long we are winning. That's why BushCo is now playing the blame game. Their actions are solid it just all of and are negative vibes that are wrong.

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