Monday, September 25, 2006

Boondocks Leaves The Funny Papers

Aaron McGruder is gonna work more on the animated series. See this is why I like the Japanese way of doing things. The story creator does the comic / manga and some other people animate it. He would control the story and all but have no hand in what the animators do.

It ain't matter of not trusting people. It's a matter of not meeting people. Certain animated TV series are done like live action TV series. Writers write it then the voice actors come in for a read and the writers work out what don't work out and make changes then they law down the audio track. Then sometime in the future the animation is done..., in a foreign country..., on the cheap.

Universal Press Syndicate, which distributes the strip, announced today that McGruder has decided not to resume the newspaper adventures of Huey and Riley after a six-month hiatus.

Last March, McGruder announced he needed a break to concentrate on "The Boondocks" for the Cartoon Network. Many papers around the country elected to publish reruns of the strip, which are slated to end on Nov. 25. Other papers, including the Chicago Tribune, used replacements for "The Boondocks," which debuted April 19, 1999.

Update: Found this while looking for more Boondocks pics on Flickr. Photo by member cindylu.

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