Saturday, September 02, 2006

Oh This Is Just Too Rich

Fox trying put repulicans first in every subject screw up and give Susan Estrich a platform to lands some good blows.

Democratic strategist Susan Estrich laid out a pretty good case for why people should give up on Republicans as the party to handle national security. "They’ve given them six years and what have they got? They got a 9/11 commission that the Republicans fought and then the Republicans haven’t implemented the recommendations. They’ve gotten a war in Iraq which is against the wrong enemy, turned the whole world against us. They’ve got a Department of Homeland Security that can’t deal with the mess of Katrina. So I think the idea is when you got a party that can’t do the job, you might as well look to the other party for an improvement," she said.
Estrich countered with, "The fact that we don’t know about it means we should trust the people even though everything we know they’ve done, they’ve done wrong? They’ve bungled the war in Iraq, bungled the response to Katrina, bungled the response to the 9/11 commission, but because of what we don’t know about, we should trust them?"

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