Saturday, September 16, 2006

I Need To Learn A Lesson Or Two

It's cool being hot for a teacher sometimes.

Teachers come not-so-clean on their sexy moonlighting jobs

So what, asks Asahi Geino (9/14), do these three gals have in common, aside from being in their 40s and looking after other people's children? The answer is that they all moonlight for "delivery health" businesses, which in Japan is a euphemism for outcall sex services performed in hotels or at the customer's home.

Asahi Geino brought the three women together to conduct a panel discussion, in which they shared their thoughts and experiences concerning these lucrative moonlighting activities.

All three women told the magazine they found their jobs via the internet.

"I entered the keywords 'kou shuunyuu baito' (high-paying part-type work, a euphemism for sex-related services) into a search engine," says Akiko.

OhYourGawd! I wish I had a steady girlfriend now. But I am going looking for sumata right now!

For readers unfamiliar with this term, "sumata," literally 'real crotch,' is a popular service in which the woman straddles her customer and brings him to orgasm by sliding her lubricated labia majora along the shaft of his penis, without actual penetration.

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