Thursday, September 21, 2006

Three Republicans

Wow the revolt continues as three republicans claim they are against torture.

What is not being discussed is the fact that people have and are being made to admit to things under torture. People that BushCo don't know if they are the enemy or not. Nobody brings up how people that grabbed it was proven they were innocent.

If you talk about first finding out if you have the wrong or right persons. You are said to care more about protecting the terrorist. That right there is the single most stupidest thing these jackasses have been saying yet. And of course the media don't make any note of it.

I am a black guy in a nice car. I get stopped by the police because black people steal cars. I get taken into custody and tortured for several days until I admit to being a car thief. Then I get tortured some more to tell them how many cars I have taken and when and what I did with them.

These Republicans are like all Republicans disingenuous corrupt lairs and thieves. When the elections are over there will be not talk of this revolt ever happening. And the media will of course make no note of it.

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