Sunday, September 24, 2006

This Does Not Void Your Anything

And What A Class Action Lawsuit Baby

I don't know about you but I did not choose a hp-compaq because I wanted or even knew it came with their own version of windoz xp. And was designed to boot up only windoz xp. If you install Linux you have to boot from CD.

Training wheels and a full padded suit not just a helmet and elbow pads. A 120GB hard drive split into just 2 partitions. 104GB and 8GB. Nice eh? Nothing like defraging or backing up or looking for stuff on a nice great big ol' drive.

No really since computers are so much faster these days you can throw out the old rules and just dump everything on one great big partition. Yeah right.

There is no installation disks. You don't get windoz xp you get their version on the hard drive itself. The second partition holds it along with all this lame trailware. You have to make a backup of this first thing and that's not even emphasized.

It is said in such a way that makes it seem like having this partition is the key to happiness in your computing life with hp-compaq. But if you don't first off make these discs. Which will just be spit out without any note to label them anything distinct but ya know you should put down 1 - 15 for the cd-rs or 1 - 3 for the dvds depending on what your system came with. Yeap no here's the OS and then the software extras. Just recovery disc 1 through whatever.

I went with the cheaper system hoping to have something to expand upon later but now. I think I should have done more looking up stuff instead of assuming things would be the same in the computing world still. This is really really dumb of me and of them. There are no ads or any information about baby's first computer setup.

Recovery Only

you can only bring your system back to factory settings. You can't install hp-compaq windoz xp in anyway you want. 104GB C:\ and 8GB D:\ and all the trialware reinstalled. Factory settings are their words. I only found this out after getting the thing. Knowing this would have made it a no sale for sure.

Once you made your recovery discs you can play around with it a bit. You can make a recovery tools disc. Their name for a boot disc. That will let you delete and or resize the the great big c:\ partition some but not to anything close to sane.


Using GParted I was able to deleted the 8GB recovery partition. And resize the NTFS partition as well as create other partitions to hold programs I installed and data/stuff I download. It ain't much but it gives me some place to put Linux on here.

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