Sunday, November 05, 2006


We invaded a country that did us no harm. A guy we put in charge was still running the place. Mission accomplished was the invasion. Beyond that there was nothing thought of anything beyond that.

It's not that now the place has descended into chaos that we should pull out. What will be won if we stay there halfassedly occupying but not controlling. Iraq with all these terrorist running around still is not a threat to America.

They are not attacking us. There is nothing to be won. There is nothing dignified about calling this invasion a war a claiming we can win it. But Tuesday November 7th is regarded as a referendum on the handling of the occupation they call a war. So no change either way.

addendum: 11/06/06 For a long while there was no insurgency. Then there sort of was. Then they became prof of terrorist existing in Iraq and replaced WMDs as the reason we invaded. Then and right now the only exist as instruments that are being used to influence our politics.

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