Friday, November 10, 2006

War War War War

Peace is an option for the weak.

Fighting for peace does not mean war. Fighting for peace does not mean wearing tie dye and chanting in the streets.

Fighting for peace means all the people at BushCo. who are at war with Islam have to silenced. And then we need to restart the Middle East Peace process.

It's a horrible example but it's there. If you let them lose they will kill hundreds of thousands of people with no end in sight. They will use the fact that deaths have happened during their war as a reason to continue their war. And if you are against their war then you are weak. Iraq did not attack the United States Iraq could not attack the United States.

But just the same they say their war is going smoothly. It just that you don't understand that it's very complicated and you need to back off. BTW if the media and the politicians back off any farther they'd be on another planet.

Is all military action bad? No! Something really has to be done about Darfur and now.

Will the Democrats start building committees and boards of experts and start discussing peace in the Middle East which include trying to stabilize Iraq? Or will they listen to the "xerox media enabling lapdogs" and behave themselves in a niceties rich bipartisan way?

Just because they called unpatriotic and connected you with a child sex club, nambla. That would be no reason to misbehave now would my little defeatocrats.

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