Sunday, November 12, 2006

Lieberman Will...

Caucus with the Democrats like he said he would. After trying to he will then become frustrated and side with the people helped him get re-elected. He owes them. They gave him money and supported him. Him on meet the press.

Partisan and moderate. Ones an accusation used by people who said the other side was not just wrong they were wrong for America and maybe siding with the terrorist. The other is claim used to say that even with all the accusing of the other side of being the extreme ones. They got elected by not being everything they was accused of being.

What a big conservative win 11/7/06 was. Which by they way will be the out for Lieberman. There is no way things are going to stay the same with a small group of people claiming to have all the plans. And should just hold on and believe in them to be doing the right thing. And that they not only don't need any oversight. They are more than a little upset by your not trusting their secret decisions. And when they start to squawking he run to, run in place more like, their side of the isle.

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