Thursday, November 09, 2006

Two Things About That Election Thingy

Ok first off the DNC DCCC and the DSCC need to get the fuck together or shut the fuck up. Now they're playing the blame game over whose strategy worked best and whose cost the Dem's an un-vetoable majority.

I'd say it was whomever decided not to go with cable channel advertising and who let the Repub's get away with setting the tone i.e. The Death Tax, John Kerry's bad joke telling e.t.c. They are a little to hung up on appearance rather than substance. That's why most of these people didn't stick up for Kerry in 2004. This not about coming to power it is about right and wrong. And there is a hell of a lot of wrong to be dealt with.

And ain't it funny that Jim Webb wins because the Repub's didn't want the electronic voting machines with the paper trail? Notice how they don't want Allen to contest the results.

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