Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Soccer Special

Ya know when World Cup came to Chicago I paid it no nevermind. I think I missed out on some good op's for some fun ways to have made some money oh wait I'm not a pimp or a hooker...

Mania Space, a Tokyo club targeting masochistic men, in a twist on the tradional "Spot the Ball" competiton has come up with a World Cup-themed ball game designed to appeal to its target audience.

Called the Three Kick Penalty Playoff, customers are initially sat down naked on the floor with their legs spread apart. The woman servicing them stands some distance away with a soccer ball placed on a penalty spot.

She then takes a kick, aiming for the part of the customer where it'd probably hurt most if hit with a flying soccer ball. The customer, meanwhile, has to use his feet to try and stop the lady of the night's penalty kick. If the customer stops the ball with both feet, he wins. If the ball hits his balls, he loses.
Now if this was the other way around and it was ping pong ball sized soccer balls...

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