Saturday, June 24, 2006

I Feel So Safe

A bunch of people arrested for plotting to do something or another to some places. Wmds found long ago just not talked about until now.

Let me rub my temples and talk in a spooky voice and give my predictions for the summer.
Lots and lots of warnings. And some more fake plots that get foiled. Until a natural disaster happens and instead of trying to be organized in help efforts BushCo. pulls out all the stops to make it seem like they have done nothing bad. Remember republicans only like to help the rich.

At some point even the dumbest non voter is going figure out. That they should maybe try and do something about people who only pay them any mind when they are executing or incarcerating them to show how tough on crime they are.

But hey everyone stills says Iraq and war like they go together. Instead we invaded Iraq when it had nothing to do with Sept. 11th. No one acknowledges or talks to the people who were against the invasion before it happened. Or talks to any of the people who got dismissed or demoted for not going along with BushCo. on it.

We are in this shit hole. And all the smirking and snarling and swift boating in the world is not going to change anything. If we are not going to do what is necessary for fear that in their efforts to look good while doing bad things. The BushCo. people will be mean to us. Then how about pretending to sing the same song and cheerlead for them while bring in people who know what to do from experience and history. And we'll let them play like regan and pretend he ended the Cold War.

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