Monday, June 26, 2006

A Funny Little Fink Story

Comcast fires employee caught... sleeping

The Comcast technician was at customer Brian Finkelstein's home when he fell asleep after spending an hour on the phone waiting for his own company's customer service, the Comcast subscriber said.

Finkelstein filmed the operative sleeping, edited and set the video to the Eels pop song "I Need Some Sleep," and shared the 58-second footage on popular online video site

Then comcast made a fink out of Mr. Finkelstein and canned the employee. For in my opinion not staying awake by repeating over and over. My call to the base is very important to them. There will be a response from base confirming this hook up shortly, and humming a little to keep himself and the customer hanging on patiently. But I must say in my area when the comcast folk came to the house they just chirped back and forth at each other and bug out. Things must really be screwed up in that area if they have Tech's waiting on hold for an hour.

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