Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lost Creator to Make Bad Fansub'

Another retread of the Star Trek "franchise"

A new big-screen movie, apparently featuring the early adventures of Trek forefathers James T. Kirk and Spock, and boasting the handiwork of Lost creator J.J. Abrams, is being primed for a 2008 release.

Ok here is the story. Epsodes of the original series and Mission Impossible. What you didn't know that's where the grab the guy make hime think a long period of time had passed to get 'em to give up some information bit came from? Anyway throw in for no reason other than lack of any brain power stuff from series that are set in times way after this one.

Like STEnterprise. Way more Safisticated ship than the series it was set to be before. And instead coming up with stories that delt with what we are going through right now in fanciful ways... The international space station for one. You instead had the borg sigh.

And a alot of despite however many hours of training and skill. Ship gets blown apart. And some undecisive end to some battles. Star Trek became a self made cliche. Instead making episodes with good stories you get that business nonsense where you assume that people don't like something unless you fix it up for them. Or should I say they feel that only a small number of people like something but the general populus ain't with ya.

So they take what's there and water it down so as to make it more acceptable to a wider audience. Never stoping to think that if they ever just advertised it or made sure that alot of people had access to it. And didn't try and sell it as a show with a small following.

In other words they created this idea of an exclusive club. And two things come out of that. One People who don't know of the show stay away. Two people who are familiar with the show go Oh here we go again another bad Star Trek retread.

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