Saturday, April 29, 2006

Admiral Fisher in The Study With A Dreadnought

I think this is pretty cool. Even though I don't care for the whole Da Vinci code hype'. But secret codes are cool and I bet High Court Justice Peter Smith's coded judgement would make Rumpole laugh so hard he'd spill his claret. Don't know if She Who Must Be Obeyed would though.

The judge's own code briefly caused a wave of amused speculation when it was discovered by a lawyer this week, nearly a month after the ruling was handed down.

It has got to feel real nice if you are the one who lost the case. Everybody is having a fun time and all you got is some legal fees...

He said that he is not normally much of a fan of puzzles, such as the Japanese number puzzles that have become an obsession of the British press.

"The preparation of the Code took about 40 minutes and its insertion another 40 minutes or so," he wrote. "I hate crosswords and do not do Sudoku as I do not have the patience."

But see, it don't say in this story but I heard he gave out his email addy. I think he going to get challenged for while now.


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