Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Pandering 101

Hello Mr and Mrs head up your ass. Economics smeconomics. There are no growing economies around the world, thanks in part to policies sending jobs overseas. And they certainly don't need oil over there in them places. That prius your driving didn't get made in these places overseas where they would have a need for oil or gas to make any of the parts and other products you regularly use. So how about lets have a gas tax holiday? And talk tough to oil producing countries for not letting us have more. Yeah those economists are all saying that there so much wrong with this idea. But hey you, Mr. and Mrs. head up your ass idiot. You know how it is with these people and all their book learning. Am I Right?

Since your really stupid and think the earth revolves around the smell from your but. You gonna love hearing us talk to you.

Funny thing though. It seems that all the desperate race baiting and feh. Now the unrealistic gonna break up OPEC stuff. And now they get it. She is just saying anything to just stay around and be in the way of things.

Speaking of demonstrating bad character. Hilary comes to Indiana and starts talking with a ridiculous twang.

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