Thursday, May 08, 2008

If Hilary Drops Out

First there is no dropping out now. What they are doing is giving her an out to avoid facing defeat. And the only graceful way for her to go is to apologize for all the race baiting, for the gas tax, talking in that silly twang. And let's not forget blaming Obama for being the aggressor when we all know the green man don't got what it takes to be like that. Which the MSM made note of over and over again but some how forgot when camp Clinton made the claims. If she drops pout now she doesn't have to deal with the mess she has made for herself.

If she can show that she can be a big now it would do a lot of good. As the progressive say ( actually say ) its time for the grown ups to be back in charge. She has said a lot of things just to get votes that she should be ashamed of. Her pandering really hurt her character badly. And despite an offer for Governor or Senate leader to get her to stop. First she and everyone needs to own up to what she did then begin to mend fences.

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