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How To Win The Invasion Of Iraq

Winged Victory of Samothrace
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Ok I have not worked this all out but it seems there is a really easy way to get the republicans to get out of Iraq. And I have to admit I am just rambling on here. Ya see I lost my rage about this a long time ago.

Let them claim the Iraqis wanting us out as a sign of victory. Let them paint a rosy picture. Show a decrease in violence by ignoring it.

Car bombs and other explosive devices have killed thousands of Iraqis in the past three years, but the administration doesn't include them in the casualty counts it has been citing as evidence that the surge of additional U.S. forces is beginning to defuse tensions between Shiite and Sunni Muslims.

Declare bush a hero. Say he did what was best to protect America. Raise a statue to him build a neo con memorial. Give a wealthy corporation millions of tax dollars to build it. Who needs an exact tally of things anyway?

BAGHDAD — The Iraqi government has refused to provide the United Nations with civilian casualty figures for its latest report on the hardships facing Iraqis, the U.N. said Wednesday, but numbers from various ministries indicate that more than 5,500 people died in the Baghdad area alone in the first three months of this year

And who needs to see it?

Iraq's interior ministry has decided to bar news photographers and camera operators from the scenes of bomb attacks, operations director Brigadier General Abdel Karim Khalaf said on Sunday (local time).

His announcement was the latest in a series of attempts to curtail press coverage of the ongoing conflict, which has already attracted criticism from international human rights bodies.

And no one over in Iraq needs to hear what we back home think about how things are going. But I bet ya the farm that fox noise ain't gonna get blocked.

DENVER - Soldiers serving overseas will lose some of their online links to friends and loved ones back home under a Department of Defense policy that a high-ranking Army official said would take effect Monday.

The Defense Department will begin blocking access "worldwide" to YouTube, MySpace and 11 other popular Web sites on its computers and networks, according to a memo sent Friday by Gen. B.B. Bell, the U.S. Forces Korea commander.

The policy is being implemented to protect information and reduce drag on the department's networks, according to Bell.

But remember your political double speak so when time passes and the real results of the invasion and the war profiteering sink in.

Wait a full year before bringing charges against the republicans. If you haven't noticed these people are really stupid. Eventually they will admit to wrong doings. This time don't let the media play it down. Question their questioning of your investigations.

And when the people cry along with them, despite the fact that the people who were killed are still dead, that it is too harsh to put them in jail for war crimes. Simply wash your hands and walk away.

But this time work on never being fooled again.

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