Thursday, May 03, 2007

Goodbye Old Man

Pam Grier vs. Don Imus
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When did it become lost the idea that when you know somebody you can insults at them in jest. You can even talk about they mommies.

But when you attack somebody who has done nothing to you. Thats just wrong. Even more wrong is trying to say fictional characters portrayed in rap are genuine representatives of of an entire skin color.

Imus was fired because he is an old man. There are plenty of others who openly race baiting everyday. They don't get called out it. Sure go after the people who pay these modern day minstrels. And the minstrels themselves because after they get the money. They don't have a good reason to still be doing that shit.

But all we need to do really is wait for them to get old. Sexist, Racist comments are cool but not coming from an old person.

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