Friday, February 16, 2007

Surprise Surprise

Taliban are back BushCo. is responsible. The rhetoric spewed by BushCo. makes no sense and does not address any of the failures on their part that gave them their comeback.

No one in the media will say it. And no Democrat will say anything about it either. Then they would have to talk about sending troops to defend Afghanistan. And Republicans and the media will question this going after the real enemy as though it's the same as BushCo. going after made up enemies. Instead of talking about how if you don't rebuild the country then you end up marginalizing the terror groups. Otherwise you give them a reason for being.

BuchCo. proves itself good for the Al qaeda. And nobody will make this point because it sounds to much like... Oh look faux news has a comedy news show. Oh the yucks, YUCK!

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