Thursday, February 15, 2007

More On It's Over

Or bringing us the U.S. down from the inside.

Hey look at me over here I am going to evade Iran! Yeah, that's right I am going to Iran so you don't have time investigate me. Or talk about how all of us lied about the reason we invaded Iraq. Hey hey, I am distracting you from doing the job you were elected to do. Hey, polls what polls?

I have decided we should stay the course in Iraq. If you oppose that then you want to cut funding for the troops that we sent in without proper equipment. And we pretty much refuse to fully equip. Still want to try and talk about it? You are hurting the troops! Huh huh, does that get ya?

Everyone will continue to let the crooks and liars and the lapdog media set the tone and frame work for discussion and that's that.

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