Wednesday, July 26, 2006

But Ya' Doesn't Hafta Call It A War

Yeah sure see you can get rid of Hezbollah by bombing shit out of this one place. No really you can. But wait up there is a shoe sale on and Condoleezza is there.

Okay back to the insane belief that all them people except for them people they're cool and shit but them other ones they is just some assholes. And if you bring it to 'em then they wont try nothing like that guy um, whatshisname... ya know he did that stuff that made that number very important nine something something. But anyway ya gotta do what ya gotta do to um, what was the point again.

Oh yeah, if said this war on terror was a police action and Saddam had nothing to do with that stuff that happened on that number which will always be remembered. Then you are just a naysaying I told ya so liberal who is weak sauce. Lots of innocent dying and suffering. And lots of domestic surveillance is the only way to um you know um stuff and such.

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