Friday, December 18, 2009

I am So Confused

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As the White House leans on conservative Democrat Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska for the 60th health care vote, Emanuel has made the case that this generation of liberal political figures will not make the mistake of their predecessors. The late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s greatest regret was not cutting a deal with Richard Nixon on universal health care. Former President Bill Clinton has forever rued the day he did not take moderate Republican Sen. John Chafee up on a compromise that could have secured a health care bill early in his presidency.

Liberal senators nearly scuttled the creation of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program -– S-CHIP –- because Clinton compromised with Republicans and agreed to take the program out of Medicaid and involve private insurers.

“Every time they’ve gotten close to the deal, they’ve passed up the opportunity and chosen to walk away from a particular where they’ve lost the forest for the trees,” Emanuel said.

What did it mean that 60 something million voted for this man? What is with all the pointless compromising with people who are telling everyone. They are not going to vote for the bill even when they get you to compromise. Maybe these idiots don't understand they are compromising on things people truly need.

They don't seem to understand that what happened in the past had several factors that are true today. Health care reform is not supposed to be this big a deal. The issue has become loaded with so much bullshit from people working on behalf of the status quo. Axelrod and Emanuel sound like complete fucking idiots dismissing the left while calling further capitulating cutting a deal.

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