Monday, October 19, 2009

The White House Is Not Going After Fox

Talk about being overly sensitive. The White House says something about a news organizations practices and they all start whining. Fox is heavy on opinion and light on facts. They created promoted two events all the while claiming they were spontaneous events that they had nothing do with.

Amazingly the news org's can ignore the people who voted for change and listen to fox declare that this is not it. We voted for change because of all the 101 dangerous Academics talk. And if you don't think the invasion of Iraq was right then you hate America stance.

The new message from the white house is simply We have had eight plus years of certain people making a big mess out of our country. Instead screaming about nonexistent death panels, and birth certificates called certificates of live birth. And fascism and socialism. And claims that the Nazis wanted to help get people health insurance. The White House is saying you see this mess. Don't just stand there over to the side complaining, grab a mop.

Strangely enough the other media outlets 'sides MSNBC. Have some how missed the fact that fox seems to be totally on the side of the people against what needs to be done. People who directly benefit from things that voters called for to be changed. And if you read the polls the wrong way. You don't see that Obama's support numbers are slipping because people are losing confidence in seeing change. But the media says its the change itself. Even though that change is yet to come and and is being rather vigorously blocked. And many distractions are being thrown up to try and keep it from ever happening...

Us sixty something millions who voted for change are who this message is to. To show us they are still on track and listening to us whine.The distraction that fox is, is nothing to us. It's that after eight plus years we put up with. We need to hear shenanigans called on their crap.

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