Friday, May 22, 2009

No Really They Are Very Dangerous

Three Glass Clowns
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Terror plot suspects have lengthy criminal records

One is a petty criminal who spent a day in 2002 snatching purses and shooting at people with a BB gun from an SUV. His lawyer calls him "intellectually challenged."

Three have histories of drug convictions, one of them for selling narcotics in a school zone. The man prosecutors portrayed as the instigator of the scheme said he smoked pot the day he planned to blow up the temples.

They went to Wal-Mart for cameras to photograph their targets and had to call around to various contacts to get guns, prosecutors said.

But if they sometimes seemed amateurish, the men were dangerous people fueled by their hatred for Jews and America, prosecutors said. The plotters managed to get their hands on what they thought were lethal explosives and a surface-to-air missile system, only to find out that they were inert devices supplied by the FBI in a sting operation.

Um..., no. They have no idea what they were doing or the trouble they are in. Just put some place that they can not hurt someone and it at that. The cheney family and the republicans are inviting the real terrorist to attack us again. Let's stick with going after them...

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