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Children sense evil
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This story just aired on Chicago local news.

FBI: Al Qaeda may strike Chicago mall

Chicago police and the FBI talked about the warning late this afternoon. They said there is no credible evidence there will be an attack. But they did say people should remain vigilant. There are thousands of shopping centers and strip malls in metro Chicago and the Los Angeles southland. Authorities here and there were trying to settle the jitters that residents may have after hearing that al Qaeda reportedly plans a Christmastime attack.

Al Qaeda seeks to destabilize our economy during the holidays.

To late that was already done with sub prime loans. FBI Alert.

Mortgage crisis: risky home loans are coming home to roost

Take Delores King, a 70-year-old Chicago retiree living off a monthly pension of $950. In February 2005, she secured a home loan that cost her $832 a month; by August it had shot up to $1,488. "I've taken out loans before, but this was the worst I've ever encountered," says King, who says her lender didn't fully explain the terms of the loan and how quickly her payments would skyrocket. In danger of losing her home, she's now relying on family and friends to help out. "I don't want this to happen to others."

Of course, adjustable-rate mortgages are common, and many are totally aboveboard. But others, like King's, have short introductory rates and whopping fees that have experts crying foul.

Meanwhile in the West, L.A. terrorist threat discounted.

Torture, Poduct Safety, Mukasey, Pakistan, or Iraq. Which will this distract us from. Remember don't shopping no more. Lets just cancel Christmas to be safe.

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