Thursday, September 13, 2007

Number 8 On Iraq

There is progress. Al Qaeda in Iraq is Al Qaeda.So it is okay that we don't try and catch Bin Laden. Iraqies were not sick of a group calling themselves Al Qaeda in Iraq blowing them up on top of the sectarian violence. The surge worked. It worked so well that the government there got to go on vacation. 35 countries are over there fighting with us.

Families are happy to have somebody die in Iraq. Sacrifices are good. The troops just went to Iraq on their own and the president backs them and hopes you do. If they don't to finish what they started then the terrorist will win.

So we have to just keep on keeping on. Indefinitely.

...Merely Merely Life Is But A Dream...

BTW, whats up with the red live above the MSNBC logo disappearing? Was that a special comment on how all this was said before? I like they way this guy regurgitates the same bull crap he has already flung. And this will give wingnuts and the media reason to still follow along with this un-named plan of whatever he said.

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