Wednesday, January 10, 2007


prez said:

he accept responsibility for not being to blame. And that there were mistakes made by everybody but him. And oh yeah whats going on in Iraq is a war. And if we loose we there will be terrorist attacks against the United States. Says he has a new plan to do the same stuff we have been doing over there 'cept more of it.

democrats response:

something not about how we deposed a dictator we created. nothing about being sorry for shock and awe or war profiteering. Or leaving the country exposed for every thug to jump up and send the country into sectarian violence.

You can't look good in this. You can't get a win. Admit you are wrong and move on from there. Maybe this time around we will see some good street demonstrations. But I think maybe people should spend a little time written the congress person. Especially the ones running for president in '08.

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